Tampa Medical Tower

Holladay Properties wants to make sure that all tenant appliances which are separately piped for water are installed and maintained properly.

If you have ice makers, decorative fountains, coffee makers, autoclaves or water coolers with water piped to them, or any other device which has a water source supplied to it (other than sinks, toilets) it is very important that these items be inspected on a regular basis by your vendor.

Should any leak occur from any of these types of appliances or devices, you will be liable for all resulting damages, including but not limited to damages in your suite, another tenant’s suite or the building’s common area.

On the attached form, please list all such devices in your office. We will review your list and then will meet with you individually so that we may make recommendations for inspections and maintenance of your equipment.

If you need clarification or have questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kristi Principato
Property Manager